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Herbal Charcoal Coconut Soap


Coconut Herbal Charcoal Soap - healing, detoxifying and moisturising power

This is the culmination of generations of Fijian herbal knowledge, the internationally renowned cleansing power of charcoal and the tried and tested skincare attributes of virgin coconut oil. Fijians have, for many years, known about the healing abilities of various herbs. These herbs are wonderful for soothing a variety of skin irritations. This soap is sure to become your go-to for your daily routine.

Coconut oil and carbon-rich charcoal both have amazing skincare qualities too. Coconut oil prevents your skin from drying out, among a host of other benefits. Charcoal is included in this soap as it draws out toxins from your skin, leaving you feeling and looking clean and fresh. These three components result in a soap that is unbeatable as an all-rounder.


Charcoal (coconut shell), Coconut Oil, Tropical White Weed, Native Banyan, Beach Vitex, Candle Bush, Lemon Grass, Papaya, Noni, Water, Lye


Approx 110g

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