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Charcoal Coconut Soap


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Charcoal Coconut Soap - classic natural skincare

Charcoal is a centuries-old skincare product, owing to its detoxifying properties. Lauric acid, the main fatty acid contained within coconut oil, is known to have soothing, cleansing properties for the skin. It is these properties that make coconut oil and charcoal the perfect natural skincare duo.

Many skin irritations can be helped by the use of coconut oil, while charcoal actively draws impurities from your skin. The added herbal ingredients also aids in keeping your skin healthy, making it an important part of anyone's skincare toolkit.

Kula Palms utilise charcoal made from coconut shell, which helps to reduce waste.


Charcoal (coconut shell), Coconut Oil, Beach Vitex, Candle Bush, Lemon Grass, Papaya, Noni, Water, Lye


Approx 110g

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