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Dilo Oil - skin care powerhouse


Dilo Oil - Fiji's best kept skincare secret.

Dilo oil has been infused with virgin coconut oil to create Kula Palm's most mighty natural skincare product.

The Dilo tree is treasured for the wonderful properties associated with the oil that is harvested from the dilo nut - also known as Tamanu. This oil is extremely rare, for centuries, islanders have regarded dilo oil as being a sacred gift of nature.

Dilo oil is respected as a powerful anti-ageing product, due to its chemical makeup of fatty acids and numerous other components which help with restoration and regeneration of skin tissue and cells.

As well as being used for  age-related skin imperfections.  Dilo oil's soothing properties  may help with sunburn, insect bites and other skin irritations. This makes it ideal for everyday use as a powerful all-round skincare product.


Dilo Kernels, Virgin Coconut Oil



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